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EMU-1 Solid State Floppy Disk Emulator
For Excellon CNC-6 Controllers

Floppy Disk Drive Emulator

  • Replaces Floppy Disk Drives Completely
  • Works for all versions of CNC-6
  • Machine boots from SD card but operates exactly as it did previously from floppy disks
  • All machine files are stored on SD card
  • Backup files from SD card to a PC
  • No mechanical modifications to the machine are necessary
  • P.C. board simply plugs into the card cage in the CNC-6
  • Extraordinarily reliable – No moving parts
  • Lifetime Warranty!

Learn more about the Excellon CNC6 Floppy Disk Emulator upgrade today.

If your company is a printed circuit board manufacturer or PCB fabricator, then this website is for you!

Drill and Rout Graphics California Software SystemsCalifornia Software Systems can significantly improve drilling and routing productivity, quality, decrease your scrap rates, and improve the bottom line results in your drilling and fabrication areas, more than any other single investment you can make.

California Software Systems’ Graphic Drill/Rout System 7 software and hardware solution connects computers to your CNC drills and routing machines, and then networks the computers to your CAM department, and at the same time provides you with powerful graphics software at each machine location. California Software Solutions’ premier Graphic Drill/Rout System 7 works with all types of machines, new and old, including Excellon, Hitachi, Mania, Advanced Controls TruDril, PDA, Dynamotion, ATI, Wessel, Posalux, Pluritec, and others.

Windows Operating Systems
Service Announcement

Microsoft Windows XP support ended April 2014. *Note: Companies using Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems for their network file servers, are network compatible via TCP/IP protocol with California Software Systems new software products. TCP/IP Software upgrades are now available for older products. Contact California Software Systems today to upgrade or have your drill room setup for our newest graphical interface.

The computer graphically displays the complete drill or rout program, including step and repeats, tooling holes, and test coupons. From the computer screen the operator can quickly and easily select holes to drill, quickly scale the program, and even offset groups of holes to compensate for distortion after lamination. Using the software, the operator can pick-up missing holes or partially drilled holes. Some of the features include the ability to rout one line segment, one part, a group of parts, or the whole panel. With CSS Graphic Drill/Rout System 7, the operator can also easily do many other things that are necessary to manufacture boards but are difficult or impossible to do without the computer and graphics software located at the machines.

Whether you are the owner of a circuit board shop building 1 or 1,000,000 parts, in addition to our Graphic Drill/Rout System 7 system, we also offer our Drill Room File Server System 7, designed to be the most practical and least expensive solution for storing, using, updating, and backing up all your production job programs and data files. Use your favorite CAM software package you prefer, in order to panelize the job and create the drill, rout, and test fixture files. Then, when you are ready to build the board, California Software Systems solutions can help you do it faster, easier, and better; saving time and money.

If you are interested in significantly improving work flow, reducing mistakes, minimizing scrap losses, and saving your company money, please contact California Software Systems today.

Pictured below are various PCB drilling and routing machines from different manufacturers we have integrated with our graphics software.

Drill Room Machines Excellon Mark 7 Excellon CNC 6 Hitachi Drill
Excellon CNC 2 Machines TruDril Model 95 PDA Mania Drill

California Software Systems has the graphics software solution for your drilling and routing departments. See your Excellon, Hitachi, Mania, TruDril, PDA, Dynamotion, ATI, Wessel, Posalux, Pluritec, and/or other drilling and routing machines run more efficiently, see a reduction in scrap rates, and make your PCB business more money. Checkout the Graphics Drill and Rout System 7 features today.

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