New Graphics Software for PCB Drilling and Routing Machines

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Excellon Mark VI Drilling and Routing Machines Graphics SoftwareWhich Machines Can be Upgraded?

  • Designed for all Excellon machines using a CNC-5, CNC-6, or CNC-7 control
  • Upgrade for Excellon CNC-2 and CNC-4 controllers available on special order
  • Note: California Software Systems Drill/Rout System 7 works in the drilling and routing graphics display and all advanced Job processing modes for other manufacturers’ machines, new and old, including Hitachi, Mania, Advanced Controls TruDril, PDA, Dynamotion, ATI, Wessel, Posalux, Pluritec, and others (see below)

Excellon Machines CRT and Keyboard Replacement (Except CNC-7)

Excellon EX-200 DR

  • Replaces old fading Excellon CRTs with super bright flat screen LCD color monitor
  • Replaces old, outdated, falling apart Excellon machine keyboard with new, upgraded, easily replaceable computer keyboard
  • Shows original Excellon CNC text screens
  • Also shows new graphic display of drill and/or rout job, and at the same time, job X Y coordinates, G codes, M codes, and tools data being loaded in to the machine
Graphics 7 software drill/rout features listed below will work for all brands of drill and rout machines.

Local Area Network
Excellon EX-110 DR Graphics Software System

  • Works with modern local area network – DNC not required
  • All drill/rout programs normally stored on network file server
  • Jobs can be loaded from Network File Server, CD, or Floppy Disk
  • Automatic backup of File Server (Optional – No additional cost)

Graphics Display
Excellon Mark V DR Graphics Software Package

  • Shows complete panel or any selected portion of job
  • Zoom in and out as needed
  • Quickly identify any hole (shows hole number, size, and exact location)
  • Instantly jump to any hole (No “skipping” required)
  • Turn On/Off any combination of tools in graphic display
  • Machine can drill/rout entire panel or any set of selected features

Select Holes to Drill and Line Segments to Rout
Drill and Rout Graphics California Software Systems

  • Shows accurate hole and line segment counts for all tools
  • Select individual holes to drill or line segments to rout with a mouse
  • Select groups of holes, in windows, using a mouse or the keyboard
  • Select groups of holes by entering first and last hole numbers
  • Drill All holes, Selected holes, or All Except selected holes
  • Rout All segments, Selected Segments, or All Except selected
  • If needed, drill or rout only selected features shown in graphic display

Drilling and Routing Machines Graphical Software InstallationScale Drilling Program

  • Scale entire panel or only selected portion in graphic display
  • Scaled panel will quickly redrawn to show exact final position of all holes
  • Verify correct scaling from Graphic Display – before drilling!

Move Selected Holes or Parts

  • Move only selected holes or parts without effecting the rest of panel
  • Verify modified panel is correct from Graphic Display – before drilling!

Verify Drill and Rout Paths

  • Display drill path for entire panel or only selected holes – before drilling
  • Graphic display can dynamically show rout path – before routing

Drill Path Optimization

  • Includes powerful drill path optimizer with full graphic display
  • Operator can view drill path optimization  – before drilling
  • Optimization significantly reduces machine production time

Edit and Save Files  (Optional – Password Protected)

  • Text Edit/Save drill or rout files with new name

Graphically select holes or segments and save changes in file with new name

  • Automatically Load Tool Parameters
  • Much easier to control hole quality by use of correct tool parameters
  • No need for operator to manual enter tool information
  • Computer automatically loads Feed, speed, depth, retract rate, and max hits from selected tool table
  • Store up to 40 tool tables on network file server or computer
  • Create/edit your own custom tool tables as needed
  • Update and maintain one set of master tool tables for all your machines

Other Features  (partial list)

  • Copy/Load system tapes for CNC-2/4/5 from hard disk
  • Progress bar at bottom of screen shows machine status
  • Maintenance records and instructions may be kept on computer
  • Technical support and spare parts readily available

Videos of Graphic Drill and Rout Software 7 in Action

Why Update Your PCB Drilling and Routing Machines?

Older printed circuit board drills or routers that have been properly maintained are normally still mechanically good and valuable production tools. However, the electronic hardware needed to run the machines; such as cathode ray tubes and keyboards are wearing out. In most cases there is no longer any source for new O.E.M. replacement parts, and used or rebuilt components are difficult to find, and are extraordinarily expensive to purchase.  Furthermore, the addition of a modern computer with the right software can substantially increase the capability of the machines, even in many instances beyond that of purchasing new PCB drilling and routing equipment. Therefore, it is often much better and makes more economic sense to upgrade an existing machine, rather than replace it.

What Does the Graphics Software/Hardware Update do?

First we connect a modern personal computer to the PCB drilling and/or routing machine controller.  Then we divert the video and keyboard signals to the new PC.  This enables the use of the monitor and keyboard for the computer to functionally replace the old CRT and keyboard in the controller.  Next we connect to a local area network to download all necessary files. We then display a computer generated picture of the machine language drill and/or rout program we’ve downloaded which illustrates all of the machining details for this particular job.  This includes all holes to drill and segments to rout. It also includes any step and repeated patterns, drilled and routed slots, test coupons, and accurate hole counts for each tool size. This enables you to easily  “see” what the machine will do before you run the job. If a drill or rout feature such as a particular hole or a rout segment is not in the graphic display it will not be drilled or routed. Likewise, a hole in the wrong location will be drilled exactly as shown on screen  – if you don’t correct the problem first!

When Should This Graphics Hardware/Software Update be Installed?

It will probably be less expensive right now to install a modern computer than to replace the failing components in your machine. You should also realize substantial money savings in the amount of outgoing expenditures, on future maintenance costs, because replacement parts will be much less expensive.  Best of all, installing California Software Systems Graphic System 7 now should significantly increase the productivity of both your machine and your machine operators, as well as reduce operator and programming errors through quick visual graphic feedback.

How is the Graphics Software and Hardware Installed?

Updating to Graphic System 7 is easy. Contact the people who service your drilling and routing machines, Excellon, California Software Systems, or most parts distributors and machine rebuilders.

For a sales quote on our flagship Graphic System 7 software, contact California Software Systems today

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