California Software Systems Founders Message

A Brief Message From the Founder, Russell W. Walton

In the 1960’s I was studying, among other things, diode logic, analog computers, and vacuum tubes — all of which were technically obsolete before I graduated!

In the 1980’s I was building boards in San Jose, California, writing articles about S100 buss computers for “Printed Circuit Fabrication,” and creating my own software for programming and drilling boards on DAC drills.

In the 1990’s I sold my shop and founded California Software Systems to provide Computer Systems for manufacturing printed circuit boards. “Clones” were taking over the market previously dominated by IBM and Apple. Back then, a 16 Mhz “AT” was a fast computer and cost about $3,000.00. DOS 3.0 had just been released, and Novell was about the only choice for networks. Microsoft was announcing updates for everything — faster than you could learn how to use what you just bought. Today, CPU speeds are in the gigahertz range, and you can buy a really great PC with wireless networking capability for about $500.00.

So — what’s new? Everything and nothing, simultaneously. Technology continues to bring innovation at a rate that exceeds our ability to comprehend, and is impossible for any one individual to master. Babies are born, people die, and in between our careers streak by like an endless roller coaster.

Why this babble on a web page for a high tech, niche market, software company? It is here, because I think I have lived long enough to have gained some perspective on our PCB industry. I feel I know what it takes to be successful in manufacturing printed circuit boards. I do my best every day to assure that the products we sell, and services we provide, contribute value to your business far beyond the hard earned dollars you pay to us in return. To be successful you must consistently deliver a high quality board, on time, at a competitive price. For us to be successful we have to help you do it.

Our fundamental business is connecting computers to printed circuit board drills and routers and then networking the computers to your CAM department. We make both the operator and the machine more efficient. In fact, the installation of our Drill Room Network will probably do more to increase the productivity of your drilling and fabrication departments than any other single investment you can make.

California Software Systems now has products which cover the complete field, from a single computer driving one drill, to hundreds of machines connected via a high-speed network and the Internet to remote file servers. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Graphical Drill/Rout Systems do the job better than anything else you can buy. Our products are stable, reliable, and flexible; which means you can make and save money using them. Unlike our competition, we never charge for technical support via voice, fax, e-mail, or the web. If you are not happy with any product, we will do what ever we have to satisfy you. This includes refunding your full purchase price.

Our products are excellent, we support what we sell, and we are good, honest people. We have never had a customer request a refund. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, we don’t have any unhappy customers. Our competition cannot truthfully make the same statement.

California Software Systems develops and sells our features rich standard software products. We are not a consulting firm. However, we also recognize that every installation is a little different. Therefore, we are happy to customize our standard products to make them do exactly what you want — the way you want it done.

When you are ready to make a significant improvement in your drilling and fabrication operations please contact California Software Systems. We can bring a computer, connect it to your machine, and demonstrate what our systems can do for you.

Russell W. Walton

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