Centrum Research USA

If you are currently using Centrum Research and need help the situation is not good. The company went out-of-business more than eight years ago. To the best of our knowledge there is no longer any organized source for parts, technical support, or service. However, we may be able to help.

California Software Systems has replaced many Centrum installations with our graphics system upgrade. The result is we sometimes have used boards which were working when we took them out.  To check our stock please call us or email us.  We’ll do our best to help.

Part Number:     70003          Vendor:    Centrum Research

Principal Use: Paper tape emulator for Excellon Drills and Routers

Centrum Research Excellon Reader Emulator BoardThe Centrum 70003 is actually a special purpose, single board, computer which uses a Z-80 microprocessor. The Z80 is an 8 bit CPU with a maximum clock rate of 8 Mhz. The board has no graphics capability and will not work in a modern PC because it is too slow. The computer must have an open ISA slot in the motherboard. Many new computers only have PCI slots. ISA slots are no longer provided because they have become technically obsolete.

Note: This board can generally be replaced by a California Software Systems DS-12 card.

Part Number:     70006           Vendor:    Centrum Research 

Principal Use: Computer Interface For Sieb and Meyer Controller

Computer Interface For Sieb and Meyer ControllerThis card is normally mounted inside the cabinets of Dynamotion, Pluritec, and other machines. Special flat cables are used to plug it into the wire harness of the German controller. A second, different, card is required in the computer. It is almost impossible to find a working set of the two cards today. However, there are other good possibilities. Contact California Software Systems for more information.

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