Excellon DNC Upgrade and Replacement

Upgrade Your Old Excellon DNC File Server
Excellon DNC Network

  • Need to replace your Excellon DNC Server or Data Workshop?
  • Is your Excellon drill room file server getting old?
  • Are you worried about the reliability of the computer and your data?
  • Are you trying to maintain a collection of old computer parts because you can’t buy new ones for your DNC Server?
  • Are you tired of trying to maintain archaic software which is not really compatible with modern networks?
  • Would you like your DNC server to run under Microsoft Windows rather than DOS or Excellon’s version of Unix?
  • Want to make installing, configuring, running, and backing up your Excellon DNC server much easier?
  • Can your company afford to have your drilling and routing departments down because of old hardware and outdated technology?

Our DNC File Server for Windows is your answer!
DNC Windows Server

  1. 32 bit program written specifically for Microsoft Windows OS (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP)
  2. 100% compatible with all Excellon DNC installations
  3. Easy to install and maintain – just “plug and play”
  4. Runs on any modern computers with PCI slots in the motherboard
  5. Easy to add more machines to an existing CSS DNC server
  6. Simultaneously run up to 16 machines from a single computer
  7. Easily expanded to 100 or more machines by using multiple computers
  8. Easy to connect to your existing network like any other Windows client workstation
  9. Drill and route programs can be stored anywhere on your network – not just on the DNC server
  10. Includes graphic display of both drill and rout programs
  11. Graphic display, editing, and scaling of drill and rout programs can be done at the DNC server or on other computers placed in your drilling and fabrication departments.

How we Replace Your Excellon DNC Server

We start with a modern computer configured for Microsoft Windows. We install as many hardware COM ports as necessary (one COM port is required per machine) using standard PCI serial boards, which can be purchased at most retail computer stores – or on the Internet. These “plug and play” boards are available with 2, 4, 8, or 16 serial ports and come with the necessary software drivers for all versions of Windows OS.The PCI bus in the computer provides the necessary hardware interrupt sharing.

We then install our DNC File Server software on the hard disk and create an icon on the Windows’ desktop. When the computer boots it automatically loads one copy of our DNC software into a window for each COM port. If there are 16 COM ports we load 16 copies of our DNC Server into 16 separate windows. All the windows run simultaneously and can be either displayed or minimized on the computer screen.


Our DNC File Server for Windows is a complete replacement for your ailing Excellon Data Workshop or DNC file server. Contact California Software Systems today for a demonstration.

CSS DNC Windows Server

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