Comparisions of Software Features for Drill Rout System 7

Graphic Drill Rout System 7 Features Comparison Chart

Graphical Drill/Rout System 7 Features With File Server System 7 Without File Server System 7 With CSS DNC File Server
Computer Operating System » DOS Windows DOS Windows Windows
Computer normally required at each machine Y Y N
Requires DNC 1.3 hardware and software installed in machines N N Y
Works with Excellon, TruDril, PDA and most other machines Y Y Y
Requires machine modifications (Excellon CNC-2/4/5/6) N N Y
Computer graphics shows picture of all holes to be drilled Y Y N
Computer graphics shows picture of all segments to be routed Y Y N
Can select holes to drill and segments to rout from computer screen Y Y N
Instant hole count for all bit sizes Y Y N
Turn On/Off any combination of holes sizes in graphic display Y Y N
Shows drilling path for any combination of selected holes Y Y N
Automatically drill operator/machine identification up the edge of panels Y N N
Customer, part number, revision level, and tool information kept with job Y N N
Comments kept with job and always displayed before job can be run Y N N
Up to 40 drilling and routing programs stored with each part number Y N N
Offset, Rotate, Mirror Image, Move Reference, Scale (Password Protected) Y Y N
No production stoppage or scrapped parts when network goes down Y Y Y
Special instructions and comment may be stored in each job Y N N
Special instructions for machine may be stored on computer Y Y N
Loads Excellon system tapes for CNC-2/4/5 from computer hard disk Y N N
Loads TruDril system tapes for 80/90/100 series machines Y N N
Graphically display and edit programs at machine (optional) Y Y N
Automatic insertion of feed, speed, hits, depth, and retract rate from any of 41 different, user defined, tool tables Y Y N
A different tool table can be linked to each drilling program Y N N
Handles slotting drills, scoring router bits and other special tools Y N N
Password protection can prevent unauthorized modifications Y Y N
Graphically display, drill, and rout from IBM floppy disk Y Y N
Graphically display, drill ,and rout from Excellon floppy disks Y Y N
Works smoothly with all common CAD systems Y Y
Can correct problems created by inflexible CAD systems Y Y N
Automatic backup of File Server (No additional cost) Y Y N
Compatible with Microsoft, Novell, and all other modern networks Y Y N
Can run software from many other vendors on same network Y Y N
Free Technical Support from California Software Systems Y Y Y

Take a look at what California Software Systems Graphic Drill and Rout Software can do for you. Contact us today for more information about this drilling and fabrication solution for your PCB company today.

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