DNC on Excellon CNC-7 Controller: How to Guide for Enabling DNC

Enabling DNC Capability in Excellon CNC-7 Controller

CCI Interconnect PCBConnections to CCI Board

         Device        Connector       Function

         tty6               J4           Serial Line Printer

         tty7               J5           Bar Code Reader

         tty8               J6      

         tty9               J7           DNC

         tty5               J8           Serial Reader

Log on CNC-7

          User:                      MAINTENANCE

          Password:                  SECRET

Editing ttyconfig.sh

    ln  /dev/tty9 /dev/dnctty   (enable dnc via J7)

    ln  /dev/tty8 /dev/dnctty   (enable dnc via J6)

Excellon Editor Commands

         Start Editor                      EP

         Stop Editor + Save                DONE

         Stop Editor + No Save             FP

         Buffer Movements

             Top Of buffer                      T

             End of buffer                      E

             Jump to line n                     n

             Down n lines                      +n             

             Up n lines                        -n

          Modify Content

              List                               L

              Find Text                          F,"txt"

              Change                             C,"text1"text2"

              Delete Line                        D

              Insert New Line                    I

              Replace                            RP
Typical ttyconfig.sh file (after editing) 

rm -f /dev/rdtty
rm -f /dev/dnctty
rm -f /dev/lpr
rm -f /dev/bcrtty
rm -f etc/DNC1.4
# To activate use of DNC 1.4 use this line:
# cp /dev/null  /etc/DNC1.4
# ln  /dev/tty4  /dev/dnctty    (Current loop)
ln  /dev/tty9  /dev/dnctty    (RS-232)
ln  /dev/tty5  /dev/rdrtty
ln  /devtty6   /dev/1pr
ln  /dev/tty7  /dev/bcrtty


Excellon suggests using a short haul modem at the file server.  The modem output is connected to the third lug bar from the top of the Octal Serial Card (OSI Card).  This is a current loop connection defined as tty4.

Normally we use a direct, serial, RS-232 connection to one of the DB-9 connectors on the CCI-1 board (typically J7).

CNC-7 Commands

Task                                          Keyboard Entry

Edit File On Floppy Disk:            EP, /DEV/Zflp3/FileName

Copy File:                           COPY    ( Then use pop-up Menus to select Source and Destination)

Delete File:                         DEL     ( Then use pop-up Menu to select file)

Set DNC as default Input:            SIXM,ON

Load new drilling program:           MACHINE SETUP + CURRENT JOB SETUP

Cable Diagram

          CNC-7 End (Plug)                                Computer End (Socket)

                DB-9P                           DB-9S           or           DB-25S

         Pin    Function                        Pin    Function            Pin    Function       

           2     Recv      -----------------     3      Xmit                2      Xmit

           3     Xmit      -----------------     2      Recv                3      Recv

           5     Common    -----------------     5      Common              7      Common
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