Program to Copy Paper Tape to PC Floppy Disks

Copy paper tape to PC floppy disks for Excellon drill and rout machines.

While most shops are no longer using paper tapes to run programmed drill and rout jobs; California Software Systems can copy your old paper tape software tapes for the Excellon controllers, in order to allow you to load software directly from our system.

This program will enable you to use the paper tape reader in your Excellon CNC-2, CNC-4, CNC-5, or CNC-6 to copy punched paper tapes to a floppy disk. It works with both Slo-Syn and Gheilmetti readers. A special adapter cable is required. Start the program and press F1 for a wiring diagram of the adapter which is easy to assemble – or you can buy one from us.

Please note:  California Software Systems can supply cables and software to read both ASCII and EIA encoded drill and rout programs on most other types of paper tape readers.  Please contact us for more information.

Download  PT2FSLO.EXE (77,919 bytes)

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