Installing TCP/IP Protocol on DOS Computers

Download TCP4DOS.ZIP (1,103 Kb in size)

The computers in the drill room often require DOS to drive Excellon and TruDrill machines. To connect these computers to your network you need to install Microsoft Workgroups for DOS. Generally we use versions 3.10 or 3.11 with NetBEUI protocol. However, if the rest of your network is using TCP/IP protocol it may be easier to enable TCP/IP in the drill room rather than setup NetBEUI on your file server.

How To Create Your Master Floppy Disks

  1. Download TCP4DOS.ZIP
  2. Unzip TCP4DOS.ZIP  (Contains DISK#1.ZIP and DISK#2.ZIP)
  3. Label a blank, formatted, floppy “Microsoft Network Client For Dos 3.00” (Disk #1)
  4. Label a blank, formatted, floppy “O.E.M. Drivers” (Disk #1)
  5. Unzip DISK#1.ZIP to Disk #1
  6. Unzip DISK#2.ZIP to Disk #2
Help: web site e-mail voice 831 477-6843 fax 831 623-1553 Version 3.00 Client only. Includes TCP/IP and NetBEUI Protocols Version 3.10 Client only. NetBEUI Protocol Version 3.11 Client and Server. NetBEUI Protocol Installing Version 3.00 with TCP/IP Protocol DRILL ROOM FILE SERVER 1. Run WINDOWS\IPCONFIG.EXE on Drill Room File Server and record IP address and Subnet mask. Example: IP Address (format xxx xxx xxx nnn) Example: Subnet Mask (format xxx xxx xxx xxx) Note IPCONFIG.EXE is included on Disk #1. GRAPHICAL DRILL/ROUTE WORKSTATION 1. Find DOS Drivers for network interface card and copy to C:\NETCARD 2. Insert disk #1 into A: and run SETUP Place Network Client files in C:\NET subdirectory 3. Select Network Interface Card Accept default for Network Buffers (Press ENTER) 4. Enter User Name ("Workgroup" is good choice) 5. Change SetupOptions (correct values shown below) Change Redir Options : Use the Basic Redirector. Change Startup Options : Do Not Run Network Client. Change Logon Validatdion : Do Not Logon to Domain. Change Net Pop Hot Key : N 6. Change Network Configuration a. Remove NWLink IPX Compataible Transport (Use tab to switch boxes) b. Select Microsoft TCP/IP 7. Change Settings - Microsoft TCP/IP (correct values shown below) Drivername=TCPIP$ Disable Automatic Configuration=1 IP Address=xxx xxx xxx nnn (Last three digits must be different) IP Subnet Mask=xxx xxx xxx xxx (Same as file server) Default Gateway 0= Default Gateway 1= NetBIOS Sessions=6 Note: IP address is same as drill room file server except last three digits which must be different for each computer on network. Pick any number you wish between 0 and 999 - as long as it's different. 8. Follow on-screen instructions to complete installation. * quit Setup without restarting your computer, press F3. 9. Copy STARTNET.BAT from Disk #1 to C:\NET subdirectory. Typical example of proper STARTNET.BAT cls net start basic net use f: \\drserver\svfiles /p:no net time \\drserver /set /y net use pause 10. Edit AUTOEXEC.BAT C:\NET\net start => CALL C:\NET\STARTNET
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