Custom Tool Tables

Make your own custom tool tables for drilling, or we’ll do it for you.

Average hole counts are increasing while average hole diameters are decreasing. This coupled with increased layer counts and new laminate materials is making it even more important that the correct speed (RPM), in-feed, retract rate, and “max hits” be used for every hole on every panel. System 7 Graphic Drill and Rout software gives you the ability to create and use up to 40 different Tool Tables. You can also specify which Tool Table to use for each drilling program, on each machine.

System 7 enables you to link tool tables to drilling programs. “Linking” means the particular tool table to be used can be selected and stored with the drilling program on your network file server. This eliminates the need for the machine operator to select a tool table and/or enter tool parameters on the keyboard of the machine. This is particularly useful to our customers who build complex boards on exotic materials.

In the past tool tables were either kept on the machine controller or the computer connected to your drill and router. System 7 allows you to move all your Tool Tables to your Drill Room File Server. This simplifies the creation and maintenance of your Tool Tables and can give your Engineering or CAM department exclusive control over the content of the Tool Tables used in production.

Tool Tables Available for Download

File Name Description File Size
60K_FR4.DAT 60k rpm ball bearing spindles: G10 and FR-4 Laminate 9,858
80K_FR4.DAT 80k rpm ball bearing spindles: G10 and FR-4 Laminate 9,996
100K_FR4.DAT 100k rpm air bearing spindles: G10 and FR-4 Laminate 10,267
110KAIR.DAT 110k rpm air bearing spindles: G10 and Fr-4 Laminate 10,044
80KTEFLN.DAT 80k rpm ball bearing spindles: Teflon Laminate 9.870
80KPOLY.DAT 80k rpm ball bearing spindles: Polyimide Laminate 10,090
LEXAN.DAT Ball Bearing Spindles Only: Lexan Plastic for test fixture plates 829

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